10 Inntor gate on Ludwigsplatz

The Inntor gate once stood where the current roundabout stands. It was built on directly behind the oriel on the large corner building to the left. This former “Hoegnerhaus” was half as wide, so Ludwigsplatz was considerably smaller than it is today. The Mühlbach river flew through directly below the gate. Thanks to an opening in the pavement today we can watch it follow its course under our feet. Rosenheim’s first abattoir was in the lower annexe to the right. Eleven butchers ran the “meat bank” here with their sales stands, most of them being located in Färberstraße. The square lost its spatial containment to Innstraße and Königstraße in 1865 when the Inntor gate was demolished. At the same time a new more central abattoir was built on Mühlbachbogen beside the municipal gasworks. When it was extended the city introduced “controlled slaughtering” in 1887 and therefore a ban on domestic slaughtering. Large butcher’s shops are still located here to this day in “Schmucken” area.

Address, location: Ludwigsplatz 31